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Having studied the genres of The Blues, Rockabilly, Country and Bossa Nova amongst others extensively, Joshua is currently continuing to devote his time and effort to the Jazz artform. Always striving for excellence in any field, it would only be natural for him to surround himself with musicians who share his vision.

Here are the projects he is currently managing:


The Joshua Francis Quartet was formed with the singular purpose of bringing the much overlooked Jazz Quartet sound - synonymous with the collaborations of greats like Joe Pass & Oscar Peterson or Wes Montgomery & Wynton Kelly - to the masses.


Deeply rooted in Bebop and Hard Bop tradition, one can expect improvisation to take centre-stage all whilst staying true to the melodies from the Great American Songbook and the Modern Jazz repertoire. From The Blues to the modal changes of Coltrane's Impressions and together with some of Singapore's finest, the Joshua Francis Quartet guarantees an unforgettable experience whilst determined to carve its place alongside the other legendary Jazz acts to have emerged from the nation.

The Quartet's current line-up consists of Joshua Francis (Singapore) on guitar, Rachma Lim (Indonesia) on piano, Darryl Ervin (Chicago, US) on drums and Teng Siheng (Singapore) on double bass.

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